Heal The Environment

An animated documentary that shows the mutual relationship between humans an the environment we live in.Only if we change our approach towards the environment and other living beings, we can finally be a part of the healing process.

Barcelona Argentica

Exploring the modernist capital with a retrò rangefinder camera


Half-frames cameras were very common in the 60's.With those cameras, you take twice the number of pictures that you would normally take with a roll of 35mm film.I used a point and shoot Olympus Pen for making a series of diptychs.Combining two photos allows me to tell a story, emphasizing contrasts and continuities of our daily life.


In redscale photography the emulsion is exposed through the base of the film. Normally, this is done by winding the film upside-down into an empty film canister. The result is a strong color shift to red due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed first, rather than last.I wanted to use the redscale technique to create a scenario that highlights the fleeting presence of metropolitan civilization.